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How to Track Free to Paid Plugins on

John Turner | September 13, 2017
At the beginning of this year I started tracking users who visited my upsell page from my free coming soon plugin in to learn how many of my sales were coming from and to learn how long the conversion time was. I had been tracking this with campaign…

Do You Know Your WordPress Product Conversion Rate

John Turner | January 10, 2014
Now that I have some historical data on my plugin business I have been going back and looking at the trends. I have a spreadsheet I created the first month after I launched to record sales. When I first started I was so green that’s the only thing I recorded. I…

Just Because You Can Do a Job Does Not Mean You Should

John Turner | January 6, 2014
When you are a one person company you are kind of use to doing everything yourself. You wouldn’t have gotten to where you are at unless you could wear many hats. When you are first starting out this is fine but once you start to experience success this can be…

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