John Turner

John Turner


How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be in Life

John Turner | January 11, 2018
How do you get from where you are to be where you want to be in life? Well for me what works best is talking small steps towards my goals.

2017 Review and Goals for 2018

John Turner | January 1, 2018
2017 has come and gone in gone in what seems like a blink of an eye. As I sit down and write this post on New Years Day 2018 and reflect on the past year I am so thankful for everything I have been blessed with and my accomplishments in…

Debt Free and It Feels So Good

John Turner | December 20, 2017
My journey to becoming 100% debt free.

How to Track Free to Paid Plugins on

John Turner | September 13, 2017
At the beginning of this year I started tracking users who visited my upsell page from my free coming soon plugin in to learn how many of my sales were coming from and to learn how long the conversion time was. I had been tracking this with campaign…

2017 Mid Year Goals Checkup

John Turner | July 3, 2017
I wanted to write this blog post mainly as an accountability tool for myself. At the beginning of the year I wrote out my goals for 2017 and just wanted to give an update on how things were going. BTW it’s crazy how half this year is already gone. Here…

Building the Perfect Bootstrapped Business on WordPress

John Turner | March 6, 2017

2016 Year in Review & 2017 Goals

John Turner | January 11, 2017
2016 has been another great year for me personally and for my business. I feel very blessed for everything I have and I still get excited and motivated about what’s to come. Ever since I started my business back in 2011 the main focus has to become financially independent of any…

Giving Up Facebook and Twitter – 30 Day Challenge

John Turner | October 19, 2016
A few days ago I set a 30 day challenge for myself to quite using Facebook and Twitter.

Growing ConvertKit to $30,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue | Nathan Barry

John Turner | April 29, 2016
Source: Growing ConvertKit to $30,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue | Nathan Barry

2014 In Review and Goals for 2015

John Turner | December 30, 2014
2014 was another successful year. There were some goals I accomplished but also some I failed at as well. Over all a blessed and great year. Professional Life Revenue from my Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress  grew by around 10%. I had intended on releasing another major plugin in 2014…

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